Mega Tek For Hair Growth

A Secret to Fast Hair Growth: Mega Tek.

Mega Tek is a well known and trusted hair growth aid in the long hair community. People who are “in the know” about hair growth products, people who don’t fall for the hype or the powerful advertising, and people who take their hair care seriously – all turn to Mega Tek to help speed up their hair growth, to counteract and stop hair shedding, and to grow healthier, thicker, more beautiful hair.

Mega Tek for Hair Growth

What is Mega Tek?

Mega Tek is a product marketed for pets and horses. Yes, really. So why am I suggesting that you use it on your very own head?

Because Mega Tek is made by the same company that makes Ovation Cell Therapy. Basically, OCT and Mega Tek are the same product, and the company that produces them just has a very smart marketing team.

They realize that many people will balk at putting a product “made for horses” on their own hair, so they put that very same product in a different bottle with a fancy name and charge three times as much. And people buy it. You can, too.

But if you’re smart, you’ll head over to Amazon (or your local tack shop or specialty pet store) and pick up some Mega Tek for hair growth at a fraction of the price. And if you think you’re the only one buying this for your own hair, read some of these reviews:

I would highly recommend this product. my research seems to indicate that this product is the same as ovation cell therapy (just at half the price.) my hairdresser noticed improvement after i’d only been using it a couple weeks. i have a lot of new hair growth. be sure to condition after using this as the heavy amount of protein can dry the hair. i have thyroid disease & naturally fine hair – this product has helped with new growth & thickness/body.

Yes it is all true. It makes my hair thick, and strong. It also reduces beakage especially after braiding. I use this in conjuction with emu, castor, and eucalyptus oil.

This product is hair growth in a bottle. You will get a full inch and a 1/2 of hair the first month if you use it everyday. It was easy to use no residue. I loved this product I give it ten stars!!!

Grab your own bottle and find out for yourself!

Mega Tek VS. OCT or MegaTek VS. Ovation Cell Therapy

What are the ingredients in Mega Tek for hair growth?

Deionized Water, Stearalkonium Chloride, Glyceryl Stearate, Cetearyl Alcohol, PEG-40 Castor Oil, Cetrimonium Chloride, Hydrolized Keratin, Panthenol, Tocopheryl Acetate, DM DM Hydantoin, Methlparaben, Propylparaben, Tetrasodium EDTA, Frangrance.

What are the ingredients in OCT?

Deionized Water, Stearalkonium Chloride, Glyceryl Stearate, Cetearyl Alcohol, PEG-40 Castor Oil, Cetrimonium Chloride, Hydrolyzed Keratin, Panthenol, Tocopheryl Acetate, DM DM Hydantoin, Methlparaben, Propylparaben, Tetrasodium EDTA, Frangrance

What does Mega Tek do for hair growth?

Many people see noticeable growth within weeks – days, even. Obviously this won’t be the case for everyone, but most people do notice a boost in growth within a few week’s time and over time report a boost in growth to as much as 1 inch per month or more.

Many users report not only faster growth, but also thicker growth and most report having soft, silky hair when using Mega Tek as a conditioner as well.

Users also report noticeable fingernail growth when rubbing it into their cuticles or simply from applying the Mega Tek to their scalps and getting some on their fingernails.

This is one of the ultimate hair growth secrets…you do NOT want to pass this one by!

How do I use Mega Tek for hair growth?

Mega Tek is a protein treatment, which is important to keep in mind. Some people’s hair is very protein sensitive, so you have to watch for build up – if this happens, your hair will get coarse and dry, and the fix is just to reduce applications of Mega Tek for a while, keep Mega Tek applications to scalp only, and to do plenty of moisturizing deep treatments (like the amazing one I send out to my newsletter).

If your hair likes protein, you don’t have to worry about this and can use Mega Tek liberally.

As a growth aid, Mega Tek should be applied directly to the scalp. You can do this a few ways:

  • Apply straight from the bottle to your scalp during scalp massage as you would any scalp oil
  • Mix Mega Tek and some distilled water in a hair color applicator bottle and shake to mix up, apply this mixture to your scalp with the applicator tip and then massage in

I recommend applying Mega Tek to your scalp in the evening during your nightly scalp massage and leaving in. In the morning you can wash it out during your normal routine, but I have found that even if I do not wash or even rinse my hair the next day, my hair has often just soaked up the Mega Tek and I’m left with silky, soft, manageable hair.

You can use nightly if you want, or if you notice some build up, cut back to every other night or just a few times per week. You’ll still see results.

For fastest hair growth results: apply Mega Tek to scalp nightly.

You can also use Mega Tek as a deep protein conditioning treatment, by applying to your hair and scalp and leaving in for an hour or so, then washing or rinsing out. I do not recommend leaving Mega Tek on the length of your hair overnight, as it tends to harden your hair as it dries (as protein treatments tend to do) and you can damage your hair in this condition.

What does Mega Tek look and smell like?

Mega Tek is thick, white and creamy, like a deep conditioner. It has a coconut smell which some people find overpowering and fake (I’m not a fan of it, to be honest) and others find very tropical and subtle. Even though I’m not fond of the scent, there’s worse things than smelling like a vacation, and I’ve tried many a growth aid that smelled a hundred times worse (trust me on that!).

How long does a bottle last?

Depending on how often you use and how much you use, your results may vary, but my method is to mix Mega Tek with water in a hair color bottle and apply nightly, and my Mega Tek bottle lasts me about six months. At that rate, and with the results it gives, it ends up being affordable and very worth it.

The verdict?

If you are serious about growing your hair long, are looking to grow your hair fast, or are looking to grow thicker, healthier hair, then Mega Tek is definitely something you should try.

Click here to buy your first bottle of Mega Tek today and be on your way to long hair by next month!

How to Determine Your Natural Hair Type

One of the keys to grow hair faster is to determine your hair type and to work with, rather than against it.

Knowing and embracing your hair type can help you to better care for it, can make your life a lot less stressful (toss out that flat iron or stop going for relaxers), and can allow your hair’s natural beauty to come shining through.

First classifier – Straight or Curly

The straight ones

  • 1a – stick straight
  • 1b – straight but with a slight body wave, just enough to add some volume, doesn’t look wavy
  • 1c – straight with body wave and one or two visible S-waves (e.g. nape of neck or temples)

The wavy ones

  • 2a – loose, stretched out S-waves throughout the hair
  • 2b – shorter, more distinct S-waves (similar to waves from braiding damp hair)
  • 2c – distinct S-waves and the odd spiral curl forming here and there

The curly ones

  • 3a – big, loose spiral curls
  • 3b – bouncy ringlets
  • 3c – tight corkscrews

The really curly ones

  • 4a – tightly coiled S-curls
  • 4b – tightly coiled hair bending in sharp angles (Z-pattern)

Second classifier – What (most of) your individual strands look like

  • F – Fine: Thin strands that sometimes are almost translucent when held up to the light. Shed strands can be hard to see even against a contrasting background. Similar to hair found on many people of Scandinavian descent.
  • M – Medium: Strands are neither fine nor coarse. Similar to hair found on many Caucasians.
  • C – Coarse: Thick strands that where shed strands usually are easily identified against most backgrounds. Similar to hair found on many people of Asian, Hispanic or native American descent.

Third classifier – Your overall volume of hair

Put your hair in a ponytail with as much hair as possible in it. Don’t bother with the way it looks – the goal is to have most/all of your hair in there. If it means it sits smack dab on top of your head, put it there.

Measure the circumference of the ponytail. If you have bangs and/or you can’t get all of your hair in there adjust according to how much of your hair you have measured.

  • i – thin (less than 2 inches/5 centimeters)
  • ii – normal (between 2-4 inches or 5-10 centimeters)
  • iii – thick (more than 4 inches/10 centimeters)

: If you are having difficulty determining the thickness of individual hairs, this might help:

Take a strand of hair from the back of your head. Roll the strand between your thumb and index finger.

Fine Hair: Your hair is difficult to feel or it feels like an ultra-fine strand of silk.

Coarse Hair: Your hair feels hard and wiry. As you roll it back and forth, you may actually hear it!

Medium Hair: Your hair feels like a cotton thread. You can feel it, but it isn’t stiff or rough. It is neither fine or coarse.

Once you know your hair type, you can stop fighting it and start to do things to promote the natural beauty of your hair. It is much easier to grow long hair and healthy hair if you aren’t beating it into submission by using perms, relaxers, flat irons, hair fryers (dryers), tons of alcohol-laden product and rough brushing, combing and styling.

It will likely take some getting used to, and some experimentation in order to find the right hair care routine to support your hair’s own natural beauty, but if you want to grow long hair, this is an important step. If you purchase my E Book you’ll find step by step instructions on how to find the exact routine for your personal hair type so that you can grow long hair fast.