About Long Hair Secrets

I wasn’t blessed with genetically great hair. My family has fine, thin hair (with both male and female hair thinning and hair loss).

I have baby-fine, thin hair. My hair has always shed quite a bit. In the past, when it grew longer and I would go to a stylist for a trim, they would tell me my hair was “too thin and baby fine to grow long” and would talk me into a short hair style. And so I would give in, and would regret it the minute I walked out of the salon…and immediately start the growth process all over.

And for the longest time, I fought against my natural hair type and color – constantly coloring, bleaching, cutting, styling, and barraging my hair with every which thing I could find to attempt to force my hair to be something it’s not.

And then I did the research on natural hair care, how to grow healthy hair, how to grow hair fast, how to reduce or stop shedding, and how to make the most of the hair you’ve got rather than envying people who are genetically gifted with gorgeous hair.

When you look at products promoted by photos of hair models who either have a head of naturally thick, luscious hair, or have a head of extensions and have a style full of silicones and some airbrushing to boot, you’ll only be disappointed by your own results. But when you come to a site like Long Hair Secrets, where a real person with hair problems similar to yours, who promotes only products she she believes in and talks honestly about the results you can expect – then you really have a chance at having the hair you’ve always wanted to have.

I’ve done the research, I’ve tested the products, I use the techniques I teach, and I now have gorgeous hair that is growing long and thick (er) and shiny. Now, I actually get compliments on my hair from men and women, all of the time.

The truth is, you can’t fight what nature has given you, even if it isn’t what you’d hoped for. But when you accept what you’ve got and you make the most of it, and when you treat your hair delicately and naturally, you can have the most beautiful head of hair you’re able to. No product will take someone with fine, thin hair like my own and turn it into shampoo-commercial hair. It just won’t happen. Then again, the girl in the commercial probably doesn’t really have shampoo-commercial hair, either, right? But what I have learned has given me the ability to stop my shedding problem, grow my hair faster and a bit thicker than it ever has, and treat it gently enough that it can grow long and stay beautiful.

I’ve also stopped going to salons where they try to chop hair off when you ask for a trim, and try to sell you the products that they make commissions from. I now have a trusted family member trim my hair (I just do microtrims, following the lunar calendar for hair), or I can even trim it myself.

I started Long Hair Secrets to share this knowledge and my opinion that everyone can learn how to grow long hair fast, with other people who may be fighting genetics to get the head of hair they hope for and for people who want to grow long hair faster.

I’m committed to bringing you the most valuable information on how to grow your hair fast, grow long hair, regrow your hair and stop hair loss.

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Thanks for stopping by and Happy Growing!