Cleansing Hair with Condition Wash Condition | CWC

15 Tips to Grow Long Hair

Cleansing Hair with Condition Wash Condition | CWC

When you want to grow your hair long, it’s often wise to consider alternative cleansing methods because long hair needs special care and the standard routine isn’t usually the best for it. CWC, or condition wash condition is one method you can try to keep your hair in better condition as you grow your hair long.

  1. Wet your hair with cool water and apply conditioner from your ears down (you can use an inexpensive conditioner for this step, if you like, I recommend Suave, VO5, or White Rain).
  2. Apply a gentle shampoo (I recommend a shampoo free of Sulfates, a good one is Kiss My Face Whenever or Aubrey Organics Island Natural) to your scalp and gently massage in. Your length (that still has conditioner on it) does not need shampoo, as the suds sliding down it during the rinse is enough to cleanse it.
  3. Rinse your hair, rinsing both shampoo and conditioner out.
  4. Apply conditioner a second time, from the ears down again, this time using a thicker, richer conditioner if you like (I recommend Biolage Condtioning Balm).

That’s it! It’s simple, doesn’t take any longer than a normal shampoo/condition routine, and is much gentler on your hair. Whether or not you are growing your hair long, this is a good routine to adopt if you’d like to treat your hair gently and keep it growing as naturally beautiful as it can.

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