Grow Hair Faster – Fifteen Long Hair Secrets

15 Tips to Grow Long Hair

1. The first step to grow hair faster, is to stop damaging it. Damage can come from heat styling (flat irons, curling irons, and blow dryers are a long hair don’t), brushing hair when wet, brushing or combing too roughly by ripping through knots and tangles, shampooing every day (yes, really), using accessories like metal barrettes, rubber bands, or claw clips to put your hair up, or putting your hair into tight hairstyles. If you want to grow long hair, healthy hair, you need to give these things up. If you absolutely must blow dry your hair, do so on the lowest setting and air dry your hair as much as possible before finishing it up with the blow dryer.

2. If your hair is already damaged, your best bet is to get a fresh start by cutting the damage off. At the very least, start your long hair growth journey by getting a trim, but if your hair has split ends, is dry, frizzy, or fragile, cut off as much as you need to to get to healthy ends. This is the hard part, but well worth it to start off with healthy hair ready to grow rather than fight a losing battle of trying to save damaged hair. You’ll likely lose length to breakage along the way anyway when dealing with damaged hair, so you might as well just start fresh. Remember, the key to this journey is patience.

Once you start to grow long hair, it’s up to you whether you’d like to give up trimming until absolutely necessary (in order to retain as much growth as possible), or to trim regularly (to maintain healthy ends), or to trim by the lunar calendar.

3. If you are serious about growing long hair, you need to embrace your hair as it naturally is (your natural hair type). This means giving up chemicals to change the color or texture of your hair. While there are exceptions, most people will find that they need to decide between using chemicals and having long hair, because most hair types are not strong enough to withstand the repeated damage and still grow to any significant length.

So to reiterate point number one – stop damaging your hair. This means no perm or straightening solution and no peroxide or ammonia. You can consider altering your hair color using no-peroxide no-ammonia color, BAQ (body art quality) henna (which actually improves the condition of hair), or other natural ways (honey lightening, etc.). And if you absolutely must use chemical color, you may be able to protect it from peroxide damage by liberally applying coconut oil before you color. For more information on coconut oil for hair and to prevent peroxide damage, download your copy of the Long Hair Secrets book, now.

4. Protect your hair from chlorine and saltwater. Give your hair a good soaking in fresh water before you swim, and if possible use a deep conditioner and then stick it up under a swim cap. If you can, wash your hair with a chelating shampoo as quickly as you can afterwards, and at the very least, give it a good rinse in fresh water after exposure and wash as soon as possible. Condition afterwards.

5. Protect your hair from the sun and wind. If you are going to be out in the sun for an extended period of time, either use a UV protectant, or cover your hair. Or consider using a deep conditioner taking advantage of the heat to help it soak in. If you are going to be in windy conditions, braid or bun your hair, or wrap it up in a scarf or under a hat. Nothing causes split ends and tangles like wind does!

6. Treat your body right from the inside out. Eat a healthy, well balanced diet, drink plenty of water, and get enough rest. Make sure you are getting enough protein, healthy fats, and water each day. Your body needs to be healthy and nourished and performing at its best in order for it to put energy towards growing hair. Give yourself every advantage you can, by taking care of yourself. Consider using hair vitamins to aid in your overall health and your hair growth.

To find out the supplements I swear by to grow hair, download the Long Hair Secrets E-book, now. You can get overwhelmed with trying to figure out exactly which hair vitamins to take and how much you need, you can waste money on store brand “hair vitamins” which do nothing….or you can read my E Book and learn the two hair vitamins supplements that I swear by…that truly work.

7. Increase blood flow! Exercise, which increases your blood flow, is known to increase the rate at which your hair grows. Get your blood pumping, get those endorphins flowing, and get growing. Regular scalp massage will increase the blood flow and stimulate the follicles. In fact, if this is the only long hair secret you choose to follow, and you do it regularly, you will notice pretty quickly that you are able to grow hair faster – just from this one simple trick.

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8. Baby your hair, especially when wet. Do not brush your hair when it is wet, don’t rub your hair dry with a towel, instead gently pat it and let it air dry before combing and untangling. Never rip your brush through your hair or pull your brush or comb through a knot or snarl. Always gently detangle, using hair safe combs and brushes, and start from the ends and work your way up.

Treat your hair like precious, fine, antique lace. Remember, as your hair grow s longer it is getting older and older and has been through a lot. Even hair that has been treated gently for many years has been through many, many washes, brushings, tangles, etc. – so be gentle!

9. Stretch the time between washings. Yes, really. The majority of people who grow long hair do not wash their hair daily. Many don’t use shampoo at all – instead they may CO (use conditioner only). Try washing your hair every other day, instead of every day, and as time goes on and your hair adjusts to that, see if you can stretch it out even further. Also, consider using the CWC method – which means condition, wash, condition.

Use shampoo only on your scalp area, and diluting it is helpful. Let the suds wash down over your length as you rinse, that’s all the “washing” it needs. As your ends get older, they get drier, and do not need the harsh washing agents in shampoo to get them clean. A good rinse is all they need. Don’t pile your hair on your head when you wash, either.

10. Don’t use hot water on your hair. Wash in as cool water as you can comfortably handle, and rinse in as cold as you can stand. This will allow the cuticle to smooth out and lie flat – giving you shinier and more manageable hair. This will not only help you grow hair faster, but is also better for your skin as well.

11. Consider switching to gentle, natural hair products in lieu of, or in tandem with, your typical mainstream products. The use of oils, organic products, vinegar, natural aloe vera gel, and others go a long way to preventing damage and helping you to grow your hair long, strong, healthy, and most of all…beautiful.

12. Deep condition, at least once per month, and optimally once a week. Whether you use a conventional deep conditioner or a homemade recipe, it is important to baby and pamper your hair as it grows. As an added bonus in my first email, I’ll share my absolute favorite with you – the most moisturizing conditioner you’ll ever need – a true Long Hair Secret.

13. Eliminate long-hair sabotaging things like tangles while you sleep (braid it or bun it when it gets long enough and use a satin or silk pillow case or sleep cap), getting it caught under your backpack or purse strap, friction (from things like rubbing against your office chair), etc.. These kinds of sabotage will keep you from growing long hair unless you eliminate them.

14. Whenever possible, wear your hair up. As it grows you will have more and more styling possibilities for wearing your hair up. There are many different styles of braids, buns, and other up-do’s. You can use different hair safe hair toys like hair sticks, hair forks, Ficcares, and the like, and the results are beautiful hair styles that protect your hair at the same time.

Keep in mind that wearing your hair loose leaves it susceptible to damage, and while I’m sure your goal is to grow long hair, that is shiny and beautiful so you can wear it flowing down your back…along the way your best bet it is to keep it safely tucked up as much as you can in order to grow long hair fast.

Also, at different periods of growing you may hit awkward stages – a point where you just do not like the way your hair is looking and you may be tempted to cut – if this happens, wearing it up for a few weeks and not looking at or concentrating on your hair will get you through this period.

15. If you are tempted to cut, heed the “two week rule.” When an impulse strikes, whether it be that you are unhappy with the stage your hair is at, unhappy with the rate of growth (be patient!), or swayed by a trendy style or a persistent hair stylist or friend, please wait at least two weeks before making the appointment to cut.

Give yourself time to really think it through, and be absolutely certain that a cut is what you want to do – and will want, in the long run. Remember this: if your hair is in an awkward stage or you are frustrated that it isn’t growing quickly enough, cutting it will not solve your problem – but putting it up and forgetting about it for a while, will. Believe me, you will go through a period of indecision, and that’s normal, but if your true goal is to grow your hair long, you need to be patient and stay on course.

It’s fine of course, if you change your mind and choose to cut – but nothing is worse than impulsively undoing the last few months’ (or years’) worth of growing efforts and then regretting it. You may be here looking for information on how to grow hair fast for that very reason (and I’ve been there myself, no worries).

If you are serious about wanting to know how to grow hair faster, you’ve come to the right place for information, product reviews and recommendations, and of course, the long hair secrets to make your hair grow faster. You can learn how to grow long hair fast! I’m here to help!

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