Natural Hair Loss Remedies

15 Tips to Grow Long Hair

Natural Hair Loss Remedies

If you’re suffering from excessive shedding or hair loss, it can be devastating…especially when your goal is to grow long hair. The first step is to try some natural hair loss remedies, which may reduce your excessive shedding or hair fall.

Natural Hair Loss RemediesTypically a range of 25-100 hairs shed per day is considered normal, (but of course, this can vary) and when you are trying to grow long hair, you are probably very conscious of the amount of hair you are shedding or losing. Keep in mind, though, that as your hair gets longer, your shed hairs (for instance the hair caught in your shower drain after washing your hair) will look larger simply because each strand is longer, not necessarily because you are losing more hair.

Excessive shedding and hair loss is often a sign of an underlying medical condition (anemia, thyroid issues, hormonal issues, among plenty of others) so if you are experiencing a noticeable change in the amount of hair you are shedding on a regular basis, your first step should be┬áto consult a doctor. Do not be dismissed by your doctor and be sure to have your concerns about your hair loss taken seriously – it is NOT a simply vain complaint, as your hair fall could very well be a symptom of a serious illness.

But barring any medical causes, hair loss can be increased by other factors, such as depression, stress (and excessive hair shedding usually peaks around three months after a particularly stressful event or time in your life), changes in diet (lack of protein, healthy fats, iron, or water), lack of sleep, or allergies to topical solutions.

The one sure truth about excessive hair fall and shedding? There is NO one quick fix or solution that works for everyone. The key here is to experiment and test until you find the natural hair loss remedies that work for you.

Here is a checklist of some natural hair loss remedies you can experiment with to reduce your shedding:

  • Switch to using ONLY cool/cold water on your hair and scalp – avoid hot water at all times
  • STOP using shampoos with SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) – many people are allergic to SLS and would never know it – if you have a dry, itchy, painful scalp after shampooing, this may be the relief you are looking for and will likely improve your hair fall problem (switch to shampoos that say “Sulfate Free” or that are soap or oil based)
  • Scalp massage is an incredibly important step in healthy hair growth and the stimulation of your follicles is sometimes all that is needed to stimulate hair growth where hair was previously lost. I also have a top secret tip that I share in my E Book, for those of you that really want to shoot your follicles into overdrive and get your hair growing fast.
  • Black Tea Rinses – using brewed black tea as a rinse over your hair and scalp or in a spray bottle spritzed daily onto your scalp
  • Scalp brushing
  • Hair vitamins (please consult your doctor before starting supplementation) such as biotin, MSM, saw palmetto, or a comprehensive hair health supplement like Hair Essentials for Hair Growth.

And here are some natural hair loss remedies where experimentation is essential, since for some people one solution works and for others the complete opposite is the solution.

  • Conditioner on the scalp
    • Some people find that using ONLY conditioner as a cleanser (COing method) and NOT using a shampoo works to combat shedding
    • While others find that keeping conditioner OFF of the scalp (conditioning only the length of hair) and cleansing with either an SLS-free shampoo, an oil or soap based shampoo, natural herbs, or tea rinses is the way to go
  • Oiling of the scalp
    • To learn more about oiling your scalp to promote hair growth, you can find step by step instructions in my E Book, as some people find that regular oiling of the scalp promotes new growth and reduces shedding
    • While others find that applying topical solutions to the scalp, including oils of any sort, make the shedding much worse – so these should be avoided
    • In this case, it’s a matter of testing to see what works for you and what doesn’t, and ruling out what may be causing your hair loss or shedding

If you’d like to know more, my E Book has chapters devoted to the causes of hair loss, and a step by step method to find the perfect hair care routine for your personal hair type. Not all hair loss is reversible, but if you’re experiencing excessive hair shedding or loss, it doesn’t hurt to try these natural hair loss remedies to get your hair back to growing long and fast.


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